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Meet Angie Vigliotti, Frederick County Board of Education


Worked with the Frederick County Public schools Blue Ribbon Task Force which was formed to help come up with special education solutions as a result of the Department of Justice investigation in Frederick County, MD. Advocate for our public charter school portfolio. Supports well funded public charter schools that are enriched by FCTA and School Board oversight. 


Volunteer for the Alliance Against Seclusion and Restraint which works with legislation to outlaw seclusion and reduce restraint in school systems across the country. AASR effectively outlawed seclusion in Maryland Public Schools in 2022.


Parent volunteer for the Maryland Autism Waiver Advisory Committee that helps to shape regulations concerning family members working under the State Autism Waiver program for students with an autism diagnosis.


Community advocate and activist for special education reform and for capital improvement funding for Brunswick High School at the county and state level. Has effectively connected many organizations in the community to help solve educational dilemmas in the school system such as reconnecting the senior community with elementary schools to restart reading programs that were stopped due to Covid.(Sunshine Readers)


Volunteer with The Frederick Center during pride and at other events. The Frederick Center is an organization that supports and protects adults and youth in the LGBTQ+ community. Gun sense distinction by the 2024 Moms Demand Action and Everytown Gun Safety Action Fund.


Policy Objectives - 

  1. Providing world-class training and ample funding to fully support our Special Education Department.
  2. Expanding the SUCCESS program and Career Technology Center (CTC).
  3. Looking for partnerships with colleges, businesses and our existing CTC program to replace Brunswick High School with a better building with more educational opportunities.


Angie's Forward Story: 

I am a parent of two students enrolled in FCPS schools and work as a consultant for FCPS families and staff, in addition to my volunteer work with the Alliance Against Seclusion & Restraint. I also serve on the MD State Autism Waiver Advisory Committee and am an active participant in current BOE meetings. My campaign was inspired after my child was secluded & restrained in FCPS schools.

I hope to fully fund and elevate Frederick County Public Schools educators and staff with a competitive wage as reflected in other counties. I also hope to resolve inequities across our county such as the failing school facility in Brunswick and the lack of transportation for our public charter schools.

The Forward Party’s Three Core Pillars aligns with my desire to deliver a world-class education to all future generations.

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