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Affiliate Announcement: Baltimore Mayoral Candidate, Wendy Bozel

12 September, 2023

The Maryland Forward Party is excited to announce...

Wendy Bozel, candidate for Mayor of Baltimore, has affiliated with The Maryland Forward Party. 

While remaining a registered Democrat and running in the Democratic primary, Bozel plans to execute her campaign focusing on the Forward Party principles of diverse thinking, bottom up decision making, and working against polarization. 

As a career educator, non-profit leader, and community activist, Bozel is running on a number of policies & priorities that include but are not limited to the following: 

- Ranked Choice Voting, Nonpartisan primaries, Independent Redistricting

- Improved budgetary oversight in Baltimore's education system

- Tackle the vacant homes crisis by reinstituting “Dollar Houses”

- Create a clean city and lower crime by reinstituting weekly recycling pick up and filling vacancies in the Department of Public Works 

- Restarting the “Police Athletic League” 

- Increase the number of teaching assistant in elementary school classrooms

- Reallocate funding spent on mass incarceration to address issues like employment, education, addiction, housing, food insecurity, & the mental health crisis.


Bozel’s official campaign launch will be held at “Angie's Seafood” in Baltimore, MD on September 27th from 5pm-8pm.  


For more information on Wendy Bozel, please visit


The “Wendy Bozel for Baltimore Mayor” Campaign is not receiving financial support or resources from the Maryland Forward Party.


19233 Gunnerfield Lane, Germantown MD 20874

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