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Candidate Announcement: James Kole, Laurel City Council Member, affiliates with MD Forward Party

01 November, 2023

The Maryland Forward Party is excited to announce…

James Kole, current Laurel City Council Member and candidate for re-election, is the first sitting elected official to affiliate with The Maryland Forward Party! 

Elected to the Laurel City Council in 2021, Kole has served two terms as President Pro Tempore, as well as chaired multiple city committees. Kole also served as the Commissioner on the City of Laurel Ethics Commission. An Entrepreneur & Landscape professional, Kole previously sat on the Board of Directors for the Landscape Contractors Association for MD/DC/VA. 

Growing up in a Republican household, James registered as a Democrat in College, feeling that their party was more closely aligned with his values. James quickly learned that the two party system was not representing the majority of Americans, oftentimes leading us to vote for a candidate that is the lesser of two evils, versus a more qualified candidate that doesn’t make it to the general election ballot.

Kole, registered as Unaffiliated (Independent), advocates for policy objectives including but not limited to the following: 

- Introduction of an Election Reform Task Force 

- Continued Fiscal Responsibility 

- Ensure Laurel remind business friendly and encourages small business growth

- Enhanced Environmental Sustainability Initiatives 

- Commitment to Public Safety 


“James Kole represents the hundreds of thousands of Maryland citizens that do not feel like the 2 major parties have their best interest at heart. His goal to bring an Election Reform Task Force to Laurel will only benefit the people and the political system in Maryland. We are thrilled to be working with Kole and encourage all Laurel residents to vote for him on election day.”- Matt Beyers- Chair, Maryland Forward Party

The election for Laurel City Council is Tuesday, November 7th. 

For more information on James Kole, please visit 

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