Maryland Forward Party

Free People

Revitalize a culture that celebrates difference and individual choice, rejects hate, and removes barriers so that each of us can rise to our full potential.


People are good and capable of change, growth, and redemption.

When people are truly Free they will:

1. Develop a culture of full active participation in civic life.
2. Encourage and ensure personal liberty that enables safe, creative self-determination.
3. Support all people such that self-realization is not only possible but probable for everyone.

When: They will:
People embrace their interdependence and expect best intentions from each other  Build optimism about the future.
People trust in the value of civic life as a mechanism to improve their lives and their communities.

Build fair processes to provide open, accessible, service-oriented institutions.

People continuously participate in their communities.

Build and support a vibrant public sphere.



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