Maryland Forward Party

Appearing On The Tracy Show Podcast

28 February, 2024


The Maryland Forward Party recently took its first steps into the world of podcasting. Matt Beyers, Chair of the Maryland Forward Party, along with Pete Oliver-Krueger, head of the Policy and Priorities committee, were interviewed by Tracy Carson, the host of the Tracy Show Podcast.

Although Tracy is based in Indiana, she was very curious about the overall mission of the Forward Party, as she was no fan of both major political parties. Tracy and her audience posed a range of questions to both Matt and Pete, covering topics such as Forward’s distinctive features compared to the other political parties, as well as addressing misconceptions about the party. 

One noteworthy moment of the show occurred when Tracy expressed that she was concerned about the motto of the Forward Party, “Not Left, Not Right, Forward” because she wondered if it meant that the party would not welcome a person such as herself, where she unapologetically proclaimed to be part of the “radical left”. Matt clarified that the party's motto meant that the party is “not the democratic left, not the republican right, but a new moderate way forward down the middle, where we actively listen to all sides and try to find places and solutions that we all agree on.” In support of Matt’s explanation, Pete referenced the Pixar movie, Ratatouille, and said that, “not every idea is going to turn into a great idea, but a great idea can come from anywhere.” Applying those principles to Forward, no matter where an individual falls on the political spectrum, as long as they bring forth valuable ideas with the intention of benefitting the broader society, both the person and their ideas are embraced and welcomed by the Forward Party.

Additional topics covered during the podcast included:

- Defining gerrymandering and how the Maryland Forward Party plans to eliminate it.

- Whether the Maryland Forward Party endorses candidates from across the entire political spectrum.

- Whether the Maryland Forward Party is a centrist party.

- How to strengthen the political cycle in Maryland.

But those were not all the topics. Check out the podcast to hear for yourself what Maryland Forward is about, its distinctive features and misconceptions, as well as additional topics and questions that were not listed here.

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