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Candidate Jason "Mr. J" Johnson



Mr. J's Forward Story: 

I am running to enact policies that enable Maryland to move beyond traditional party politics and have service-minded representation in our nation’s capital. I share the Forward Party’s belief that our democracy works best when our systems are set up to empower voters to make informed decisions and that elected officials must be accountable to their constituents.

A teacher at heart, I will continue to advocate for our schools. I will support our parents and educators by working to provide opportunities for our students to grow and excel. Together we will help our students successfully express their gifts and problem-solve, enabling them to lead in a future with demands we have yet to encounter.

Partisan politics often clouds the judgment of those in office, leading to closed ears on important discussions, petty rivalries, and unneeded grandstanding which results in limited service to citizens. ​Together with Forward we will work to overcome partisan strife and focus on leadership that inspires collaboration, not only to meet the challenges faced by our state, but those that affect our nation. I will seek to initiate and support programs that bring needed funds and opportunities to our state, helping us move Forward towards a shared and prosperous future.

Meet Jason "Mr. J" Johnson, MD6 Congressional Candidate



-Elected Member of the Frederick County Board of Education

-20+ years of teaching experience (STEM Courses)

-B.S. in Biology/Minor in Chemistry

-M.Ed in Curriculum & Instruction / Educational Technology

-Former Science and Math Teacher Specialist (FCPS Highly Able Learner (HAL) Program)

-Former Assistant Director of Johns Hopkins University-Applied Physics Laboratory Math and Science Achievement Program (MESA)

-Co-Patent Holder: Designs to Protect Healthcare Workers Patent #US10524525B2

-12+ years coaching experience (Basketball, Soccer)

-Former Tournament Director & National Level Coach, Maryland Science Olympiad

-Author, Science Olympiad New Coach's Guide to Success

-2010 Lions Club Co-Teacher of the Year Recipient

-2008 Frederick County Character Counts Award Recipient

-2006 Walt Disney Teacher of the Year Award Nominee


Policy Objectives - 

  1. Education: Our greatest national treasure lies in our children; as such, funding to schools is an investment in our future. I will encourage and support legislation that brings needed funding to our schools in support of providing our students with hands-on, real-world opportunities to learn and grow.

  2. Reducing Inflation: Far too often families have been forced to make tough choices when it comes to the most basic of life's necessities. As your representative, I will work to redirect congressional focus from squabbles over party politics towards supportive policies and legislation that combat inflation.

  3. Infrastructure: Our district is the fastest growing in Maryland. As your representative in Congress I will advocate for needed funds to be sent to our district in support of infrastructure projects that will support and enhance our overall quality of life.

  4. Support for Veterans: Frequently, our service members endure their challenges in silence and are often unaware of how to access the support they need. As your representative, I will lend my support to programs and legislation that care for those who willingly put themselves in harm's way for the sake of us all.


Key accomplishments during tenure on the Board of Education:

- Preserving the right of citizens to give public comment

- Increasing starting salaries for staff and working to produce equitable solutions while balancing multi-million dollar budgets

- Recognizing the growing demand for STEM skills in the future

- Staunch advocate for equitable STEM education, resulting in the acquisition of dynamic and cost-effective tools to enhance our students' exposure to robotics and computer science

- Passionately championed the increase of daily and long-term substitute pay and initiated the move to implement one-to-one computer technology across all schools.


Mr. J's candidacy requires recognition of Forward as a party in Maryland. Please sign our petition to ensure his name appears on the District 6 ballots.

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