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Matt Hines
Matt Hines

About Matt Hines

Matt Hines lives in Montgomery County, MD, and is leading the Ballot Access effort for the Maryland Forward Party. He has a background in Business Development & Recreation Management. Growing up in a Republican family and receiving a liberal education, he struggled with the growing divide between the two major parties. In 2022, he worked as the Fundraising Director & Small Business Liaison for a Democratic congressional challenger. After seeing how the party responded to unwanted challengers, he realized both major parties were playing the same game and neither had the answers to the problems facing our country. Motivated by the desire to give Independents a voice in Maryland & helping ease the political tensions between friends and family across the country, he is convinced the Forward Party can become the home for the many who want a bottom up approach to politics. A party where reasonable people are willing to work through differing opinions. A party where major agreements are not lost to unrelated differences.
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