Maryland Forward Party

Party Organization Meeting

05 March, 2023

Newly elected Board members of the Maryland Forward Party met at the Rockville Public Library on March 5, 2023 to hammer our the by-laws and positions. 

A productive discussion was had for several hours and draft documents were produced. The final documents will be available to members upon request and will guide how and when we hold meetings, how and when we elect members, how committees are formed and run and all the usual stuff for running an organization. While this seems humdrum and boring, it's a necessary first step to establishing an agreement with the National Forward Party and getting access to their resources and assistance.

We established committees for:

  1. Outreach and Events
  2. Communications
  3. Signature Collection
  4. Fundraising

We thank the 28 participants in this first ranked choice election and know that this is just the start of something big! We look "Forward" to hearing from you all!

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