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Press Release: Maryland Congressional Candidate running as “Forward Democrat”

05 September, 2023

MD-06 candidate, Stephen McDow, affiliates with the Maryland Forward Party

Frederick, Maryland: On 08/30/23, candidate for Maryland's 6th Congressional District, Stephen McDow, affiliated with the Maryland Forward Party. Running as a “Forward Democrat”, McDow remains a registered Democrat but aligns with the legislative priorities and values of the Maryland Forward Party.

“We hear a lot about Patriots in today’s political environment. Team McDow believes real Patriots listen to the people, work for the people, and solve for the people – You know, the bottom-up approach. The Forward Party and Stephen R. McDow II naturally aligned so much that our slogan matched their mission before we even spoke. We are excited about working with Forward Maryland to make fundamental changes to the way we vote, how we vote, and for whom we vote for.” - Tre Schumacher, Spokesperson & Campaign Advisor.

 “Forward is looking for affiliates that back ranked-choice voting, non-partisan primaries, and independent redistricting commissions so that voters have increased choice, increased access, and more fair representation. Our affiliates abide by a code of conduct that includes grace and tolerance towards others, but they are free to set their own policies beyond that. Stephen exemplifies the type of affiliate that represents Forward and we are excited to see him run in the race. We expect voters to research the candidate’s policies and choose the best person for the position,“ said Matthew Beyers, Maryland Forward Party Chair. 

For more information on Stephen McDow, please visit 

About The Maryland Forward Party: Founded in 2023, The Maryland Forward Party is a volunteer-run 501c4 organization currently in the process of achieving official party status in Maryland. The priorities of the Maryland Forward Party revolve around several key election reform strategies including but not limited to Ranked Choice Voting, Non Partisan Primaires, & Independent Redistricting Commissions. The Maryland Forward Party employs a bottom up approach that requires diverse thinking, grace and tolerance, & working to end polarization. 

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