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17 July, 2023

Coming up fast! Forward Party Anniversary Watch Party - In Person Event

What Just Happened?

Statewide Meeting

On Tuesday, July 11th, new supporters told us what brought them to Forward during our monthly virtual call.

Our team discussed current activities and fielded questions. Watch and Listen below.

Hagerstown Pride Fest

Matt, John, Mike, and David lead the charge at Hagerstown Pride introducing Forward and collecting over 80 more signatures.  The Pride Festivals in Maryland were very welcoming and proved to have a lot of Forward energy. 

Around Town

Board members Mike, Matt, and PJ took to their local breweries and coffee shop to meet with supporters.  They brought their energy and left with some signatures, names of potential volunteers, and helpful suggestions.  Check our Upcoming Events Page regularly to see where we'll pop up next.

Book Club

This month, we read "The Politics Industry" by Gehl and Porter.  Highly recommended!  The authors reinforce the foundation for the political innovations supported by Forward.  Here is an excerpt:

"In fact, Washington is working exactly how it is designed to work and delivering exactly the results it is designed to deliver, because it wasn't designed to work for us - for the citizens, the voters, the public interest.  What appears broken to us is humming right along for the industry itself, and it will not self-correct.  To force a correction, we must revive the American tradition of political innovation."

Braver Angels

The Maryland Forward Party is now part of the Braver Angels Network.  Brandon and Pete attended the Convention in Gettysburg, PA, where over 600 delegates across the nation came together to overcome political polarization.  The convention had bridge-building workshops, respectful open debates, inspiring speakers, and the Governor of Utah.


Get your Maryland Forward Party gear! 

Check out the new State Merchandise page (Great job, Mike).  Your purchases help with fundraising to keep this movement going.  Thank you!


Run with Forward

  • Are you interested in being a candidate or affiliate?  Candidate application
  • We are talking to people who care deeply about Maryland and are interested in affiliating with Forward as they consider a run for office.  You'll be the first to hear about any candidate announcements.

Pick a Channel and Follow us

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Get Involved

  • For the state Party Petition, our signature Count is up to 755, so we have a long way to go to reach our goal.  We know a lot more will sign, but the Forward party can use all your help to get official status in MD for us all.
  • Attend an Event -  Upcoming Events Page
  • Volunteer Positions Needed
    • Fundraising Director
    • Communications Lead
    • Signature Collectors
    • Social Media support
    • Event Coordinator or Hosts
    • Any other role you'd like to have?

Keep in Touch

We'd love to hear from you with any questions, ideas, and how you'd like to get involved. 

Contact us at [email protected]


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