Maryland Forward Party

2023 Celebrating the Year with Maryland Forward Party

02 February, 2024


2023 was terrific and 2024 is going to be amazing!


Many things have happened over the past year and we wanted to provide an update and hopefully you'll be as excited as we are!

Links to slides are here.

Wanna see all our activity this year?  We've prepared a video for you!

Brief 2023 accomplishments and stats:

  1. Created non-profit 527 organization and Board
  2. Held 31 events
  3. Raised over $10,000
  4. Collected over 1100 signatures since end of April
  5. 483 supporters added to our rolls
  6. Deployed our own website with 22.6K impressions
  7. Social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
  8. 5 candidate endorsements
  9. 1 elected official!

See the slides for all the details and there is more exciting news to come at our Annual Meeting and Strategic Planning event on Jan. 27, 2024 - all are invited! Click here to RSVP (note $10 charge for coffee/tea).


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