Maryland Forward Party

A Better Path Forward

22 March, 2024


Imagine what our country will be like heading into the next decade. If the current two major U.S. political parties continue to dominate our democracy, do you think our country will be more united or more divided?  If you believe that we must pave a new way for a better future, you are not alone.

We need significant change or our political system will continue to be a two-party tug-of-war with communities caught in the middle.  Our political climate is constantly manipulating us into a false binary choice where people, places, and opinions are labeled as “republican or democrat”, “blue or red”, “conservative or liberal”, or “left or right”.  This dynamic pushes people further apart, and makes it harder for us to find common ground. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. In our daily lives at home, at work, on a team, or in public, we are at our best when we drop these labels and treat others with common decency and respect. When you are genuinely working with people to find practical solutions to problems, the labels above mean nothing.  It’s time for a fresh approach, which is why we’re building a new political party that is different by design. 

The Forward party reminds us of our shared humanity and is committed to the following principles:

  • * Grace and Tolerance
  • * Diverse Thinking
  • * Working Together, Not Against
  • * More Listening, Less Talking
  • * Bottom-Up Solutions

In addition to our core principles, we are pursuing practical solutions to give people better representation and improve incentives of governance. In America, with over 330 million people representing many cultures and ideas, our diversity will be better reflected by an electoral system having greater choice. In Maryland, if you are among the 20% of registered voters who are unaffiliated, you are excluded from closed party primary elections. The Forward Party supports the following reforms, which can increase representation and help achieve a viable, resilient multi-party democracy.

  • * Ranked voting methods
  • * Nonpartisan primaries 
  • * Independent redistricting commissions 

To restore confidence in our political culture, we must cultivate civic responsibility, develop new leaders on the ground, and show people that their voices matter.  We welcome new ideas and hard conversations while encouraging rational debate to find compromise.

Our volunteers are teeming with ideas and we want to hear yours, too.  You can help us grow stronger and take more actions.  We are all in this together. The best time to make a positive change is now!


-Brandon Barrett, Board Member, Maryland Forward Party

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