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Meet Andrea CroomsAffiliated Forward Democrat for MD5 Congressional District in 2024


Attorney, Economist, Engineer and Scientist, Wife and Working Mother.


Owns and operates a farm in Southern Maryland producing local healthy food and herbs for the community.


Director of the Department of Environment in Prince George’s County.


11 years with US Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and additional Federal service with Federal Emergency Management Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, and Department of Justice.


Experience in Tech and AI startups


7 years as a Public Defender in Appalachia and Philadelphia. Lifetime public servant, community organizer and activist.


Believes that government should work for the people, not against them. "We will build a truly transparent government, that we hold to the expectation to earn the trust of residents."


Andrea's Forward Story:

I am running because the change we need requires national policy, and my experience at all levels makes me uniquely qualified to work in the federal legislature. I hope to support the passage of laws and policies that support local working people and families in their normal day to day lives, by bringing the investment Southern Maryland needs in our people, infrastructure, education and environment to improve our lives and those of our kids and grandkids.

I am excited to be endorsed by Forward because I truly believe they are aligned with my views and worldview. The Forward Party is innovative and willing to break away from the status quo, which clearly has not served us well in the past.



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