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Board of Education Candidate Affiliates with Maryland Forward Party

17 October, 2023

The Maryland Forward Party is excited to announce…

Fitzgerald Mofor, candidate for Montgomery County Board of Education, has affiliated with The Maryland Forward Party. 

"Despite the Board of Education race being a nonpartisan election, Fitzgerald wants to make it clear to the constituents of Montgomery County that he will rise above political tensions and encourage conversation over conflict. We are confident that, with grace and tolerance, he will work with others to ensure that children, parents, and teachers are getting the resources they need to thrive. The Maryland Forward party is a natural ally in his efforts." - Brandon Barrett, Vice Chair- Maryland Forward Party. 

A D1 athlete, ISS teacher, Paraeducator, legal assistant, and former Campaign Manager for MD State Senator, Craig Zucker, Mofor is running a campaign focused on lowering the political polarization surrounding school boards and returning the focus to good faith discourse and common sense policies.

Mofor’s policy goals include but are not limited to the following:

- Closing the achievement gap through compulsory after-school activities, extended learning, rigorous courses, and individualized learning. 

- Wage parity for Paraeducators 

- Enforce full usage of funding appropriated to the instructional salaries portion of the MCPS operating budget 

- Allocate $1.9 million from the MCPS Fund Balance to instructional salaries in order to aggressively hire and increase the wages of existing educators.

- Implement an oversight & accountability committee in the Montgomery County Board of Education.


You can follow Mofor on X (Twitter) at @FitzgeraldMofor and Instagram at @fitzmofor4mcpsboe.

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