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Candidate Recruitment - How we differ from FL GOP

07 July, 2023

Forward Party candidates are held to different standards than the FL GOP.

By design, our Democracy is intended to represent the people. Us. Our neighborhoods and our communities. The role of elected office is not to remain in office, but instead to use their unrestricted voice, to enacted positive change for their constituents.

What is unfolding now with the Florida Republican Party, highlights the challenges we face, right now as a nation. These are the types of Top-down restrictive measures, that remove the People’s voice and our intentions from politics.

Forward Party candidates are held to a different standard than the FL GOP. We are building on shared values and then giving freedom to our candidates to develop their own policies, based on local needs and expectations. Click below for the Affiliation Pledge we ask them to commit to and what we commit to provide to them.

The Maryland Forward Party is actively recruiting leaders in our community, who are willing to put aside political games and use their individual voice, to promote change. Whether new to political office or currently in office and looking for an opportunity to better represent yourself. Join us as a Forwardist or a Forward Affiliate (Forward Democrat or Forward Republican). All are Welcome.


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