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Former Gubernatorial Candidate, Ashwani Jain, running as “Forward Democrat”

02 October, 2023


The Maryland Forward Party is excited to announce…

Ashwani Jain, candidate for Maryland's 6th Congressional district, has affiliated with The Maryland Forward Party. 

A son of immigrants & small business owners, a cancer survivor, former White House official, non profit leader, and 2022 candidate for Governor, Jain provides an important voice in this election. Jain is running an entirely volunteer run campaign in an effort to provide constituents direct access to his candidacy. 

"I am excited to earn Forward Maryland's endorsement so we can focus on policies that benefit the majority of our residents, instead of playing party politics. I believe in actually walking the walk when it comes to creating people-powered movements that serve residents. I believe in politics where candidates are held accountable, accessible, and transparent. I believe in prioritizing election reform that strengthens our democracy- like Ranked Choice Voting, Independent Redistricting, and non-partisan elections. We must find common ground on the issues facing our district, and must learn how to work across the aisle- with Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. That's how we move forward and that's how we demand better!" - Ashwani Jain, candidate for MD-06. 

Jain plans to run on a number of progressive policies sourced and selected by MD-06 residents. Those policies include but are not limited to the following: 

-Ranked Choice Voting

-Nonpartisan Primaries

-Independent Redistricting

-Raise Minimum Wage 

-Ban Members of Congress From Owning & Trading Stocks While In Office

-Medicare For All 

-Extend Social Security

-Student Loan Forgiveness 

-Support & Incentivize Renewable Agriculture

Jain’s virtual campaign launch will be held on October 2nd, from 7pm-8pm. RSVP here!

For more information on Ashwani Jain, please visit

Ashwani Jain joins Stephen R. McDow II as the second “Forward Democrat” in the race for MD-06. The two candidates have agreed to a productive, cordial, and spirited race in an effort to return grace and tolerance to politics. 

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