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Meet James Kole, Laurel City Council, Ward 1


Incumbent City Councilperson for Laurel City, Ward 1.


Two term President Pro Tempore of the Laurel City Council. Chairman of the Laurel Environmental Affairs Committee and Laurel Pride Day Planning Committee. Former Commissioner on the City of Laurel Ethics Commission.


Landscape Professional with a BS in Landscape Contracting – Design/Build from Penn State University. Former Board Member for the Board of Directors for the Landscape Contractors Association of MD/DC/VA.

 * Canvassed for Vote 6 in 2012 to pass Marriage Equality through popular vote in the State of Maryland.

Believes that all elected officials should work together collaboratively to come up with solutions that meet the needs of all residents.


Policy Objectives - continued Fiscal Responsibility, Enhanced Environmental Sustainability Initiatives, and continued Commitment to Public Safety.


I am excited to be endorsed by Forward. Until very recently, I was unaware that there was an actual third party that aligned with my views, leading me to believe the only way I could be a voice not beholden to a party, was to remain unaffiliated.


I am running to continue hearing, serving, and representing ALL residents in Laurel, regardless of their political views and engagement. In my next term, I hope to introduce an independent Election Reform Task Force to make recommendations for changes to the City Charter for ways to make campaign rules clear and equitable for all candidates, as well as explore other voting options instead of winner take all.




Jame's Forward Story: 

I grew up in a Republican household. In college, I registered as a Democrat feeling that their party more closely aligned with my values. After observing National and State politics, I quickly learned that the two party system was not representing the majority of Americans on all of the issues, often times leading us to vote for a candidate that is the lesser of two evils versus a more qualified candidate that doesn’t make it to the general election ballot. Since then, I have been registered unaffiliated, only registering to participate in closed primaries. I believe that only through compromise and working together can elected officials truly solve the issues facing their communities.



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