Maryland Forward Party

New Fundraising Campaign: LEAP Forward with Maryland

22 February, 2024


What makes a leap year so extraordinary? That truly exceptional extra day, and we intend to LEAP at the opportunity!

The Maryland Forward Party is currently holding a special fundraising event called LEAP Forward with Maryland and will be held until Leap Day, February 29th! If you donate ANY time during this period to the LEAP Forward with Maryland Campaign, the board will MATCH your contributions 1:1, up to $7,000! 

Additionally, you will be invited to a virtual Prioritizing Epic Problems (PEP) Talk on February 29 to meet other Forward volunteers, Board members, and curious Marylanders to lend your voice, express your concerns, and help set the Maryland Forward Party establish priorities for the State. You get to be part of the process! 

Curious about the exact purposes for which your donations will be allocated? Check out our newly published Prospectus, Budget, and Detailed Plan pages, which highlights the Party’s main objectives, and current fundraising and budget for 2024. The plans are laid out and transparent.


Navigate to the respective pages by clicking on the links below:

Prospectus Page

Budget Page

Detailed Plan Page


If you cannot donate at this time, here are some easy steps for you to join the LEAP FORWARD:

Volunteer: Share your skills and passion by volunteering your time. Whether it's data entry, phone banking, or social media outreach, we have opportunities for everyone! We are an all volunteer organization, so if you can only contribute an hour a week, that is perfectly fine. Sign up HERE.

Spread the word: Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors about our party. Share our social media posts, attend our events, and help us build a wave of support.


Help us achieve our goals and make Maryland Leap Forward by donating! 

Donate to Leap Forward with Maryland

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