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Ashwani Jain Meet & Greet At Thurmont

15 March, 2024


Last Wednesday, on a cold and rainy evening, we co-hosted a town hall at the Thurmont Regional Library with Ashwani Jain, a Forward-Affiliated candidate for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District.

We discussed Jain’s platform of removing corporate money from politics, $26 minimum wage, and Medicare for all. Jain's ideas seem liberal, and they are, but, according to him, they're also sensible. Raising the minimum wage over time means more people stay at their jobs because they are well paid. That means they are less inclined to use public services and costs businesses less because every lost employee costs business to replace (more than you might think!). It also means they are less likely to commit crimes and drug offenses because they want to keep their job. Healthcare for all is actually a cost savings of BILLIONS of dollars by eliminating bureaucratic paperwork associated with insurance companies. It also means that hospitals and providers need to spend less money on fighting to get their payments from both insurance companies and customers. This means more money is spent on direct health-care and less on paperwork - a win-win.

"Jain is an ideal Forward candidate because he's out there every day listening to constituents. He's got his policy platforms down, and that's great, but his real value is hearing what others have to say and then incorporating that knowledge into his own narrative," said Matthew Beyers, Chair of the Maryland Forward Party. "We endorsed Jain way back at the beginning of his campaign and it was really nice to see him living the principles and the pledge."

Check out our other pages about Jain, as well as his official website below.

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