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Matthew Beyers
Matthew Beyers

About Matthew Beyers, Chair, Maryland Forward Party

My primary goal is to change the way we do politics in Maryland so that we are more collaborative and less tribal. I think we have more that unites us than divides us and we have been trained to focus on the divisions. I think most people are willing to compromise and solutions for the best interests of society and that with Grace and Tolerance we can achieve much. To do this, I am focused on achieving recognized party status for the Maryland Forward Party so that we can institute Voting Reform, Single Primaries, and Independent Redistricting Commissions. At a very minimum, if we used ranked choice voting in conjunction with single primaries, we could completely change the way people think about how they elect their politicians. We'd eliminate the the spoiler effect and candidates would be encouraged to talk to all voters to appeal as the second choice as well as the first choice for that voter. For the general election, using ranked choice voting would ensure that the final electee would have at least 50% of the vote and would legitimize their election.

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  • rsvped for June All-Volunteer Meeting 2024-06-14 12:45:48 -0400

    June All-Volunteer Meeting

    Creating a Forum for MD FWD Volunteers

    Screenshot_2024-03-05_at_9.37.42 AM.png

    Calling all MD FWD Volunteers - current and future!

    The Maryland forward Party monthly All-Volunteer Meeting is a forum to discuss the ideas and interests of our volunteers. The next meeting of this series has been changed to be on June 25th starting at 7:00pm. We want this to be a dialogue, not a data dump.

    What: June All-Volunteer Monthly Call

    When: June 25th, 2024, 7:00 pm

    Where: Virtual via Google Meet (

    June 25, 2024 at 7:00pm
    Virtual - Google Meet
    Virtual, MD 21401
    United States
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  • published Janie Monier in Our Candidates and Affiliates 2024-04-29 07:57:08 -0400

    Affiliate Janie Monier



    Meet Janie Monier, Frederick County Board of Education


    Born in Baltimore, Janie is the only child to disabled parents from central Tennessee and raised on a small cattle farm in Howard County. Current PTA President of her sons' elementary school. Awarded a National PTA Healthy Minds-Healthy Kids Grant to implement Healthy Minds-Healthy Kids programming at the school. Advocate for the voices of parents through PTA advocacy, such as joining other PTA members across the state to advocate for Fair Funding of our Schools and Universal Meals for Students.


    Bachelor of Science in Social Science - Anthropology from University of Maryland University College; Associate Degree in Nursing from Howard Community College. Currently enrolled in George Washington University to complete the Bachelor of Nursing.


    History of volunteerism, including: Manna Food Center, RISE program with Johns Hopkins, Mid-Maryland Archeology, Therapeutic Recreational Riding Center in Dayton, MD, and current member of the Rotary Club of New Market.


    Organized the Ebola Panel at Montgomery College as Vice President and member of Phi Beta Kappa.


    Worn many hats including owning a small retail business in Gaithersburg, MD; Veterinary Technician; Archeological Technician with the National Park Service; and Registered Nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital. While at Johns Hopkins Hospital: Unit Falls Champion, Flu Fighter Vaccinator, and CAUTI advocate, and nominated for the Daisy Award


    Policy Objectives - 

    1. Enhance accessibility to the Career & Technology Center by advocating for the allocation of capital funds to renovate existing, vacant commercial properties suitable for trades requiring expansive classrooms, such as automotive and welding. Collaborate with county planning and design to include flexible spaces for CTC trade offerings in the High School.  This will provide CTC resources to students in the school and their services to underserved communities.  Additionally, introduce the CTC to middle school students and parents to familiarize them with the center and its offerings, thereby exposing them to the array of opportunities available through the CTC.
    2. Enhance our policies and guidance for educators, staff, and families to effectively mitigate and resolve behavioral conflicts. This includes assessing the resource needs of students and families. The policy should establish a strong foundation that each school can use to manage and assess behavior management practices. These practices should support students' personal development, fostering mutual respect and understanding of boundaries among students and staff.
    3. Collaborate with state and county stakeholders to assess the feasible implementation of the Blueprint for Maryland, particularly as FCPS faces challenges in securing funding to accommodate current and future student populations. Identify the key challenges and obstacles and develop guidance to navigate them, ensuring the successful implementation of the Blueprint.


    Janie's Forward Story: 

    I am excited to be endorsed by the Forward Party because the values align with my own regarding voting and strengthening our democracy.  Beyond the success of my own campaign for Board of Education is an opportunity to work with others towards a common goal of having voters feel like their vote really matters and their elected official is someone they can get behind.  All the other issues cannot be adequately addressed without a representative government that represents the people versus their biggest donors.

    I am running for the Board of Education because we can do a better job of reaching out to all our communities and bringing them into the conversations and decisions that are affecting their students and families.  As a community we rely on the education of our children to produce adults who can keep moving the needle forward on innovative ideas, who will look to those struggling in their communities as opportunities to engage and find solutions, and who respect the autonomy of others as they would wish to have theirs respected.  I hope I can accomplish better communication and collaboration between students and their families with the Board of Education.  Communicating earlier and more often is key to a successful partnership between the community and their elected officials.



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    Upcoming Events

    Past events




    THANK YOU for being a part of the Maryland Forward Party!

    If you don't see an event in your area, you just might be the right person to organize one! Click on Host Your Own Event above to fill out all the information we need to get your event on our calendar. You have access to resources, like printables, step-by-step guides on planning your event, and more on our Meetup Hosting Guide.

    Once you submit an event, you'll be in communication with your state or local leadership team. They will help you get any additional resources you need, coordinate invitations (if you want Forwardists outside your personal network to attend), and take you through an approval process. Once your event is approved and made public, it will appear on the event calendar below. If you don't want it to appear on the website, tell your community leader when you speak.

    See all events or Host your own

  • MD FWD Chair Testifies at Frederick Charter Workgroup


    On Wednesday, February 21, 2024, our chair took some time off work to go testify at the working session of the Frederick County Board of Alderman about the Charter Review Committee Recommendations. There are 19 separate recommendations to the Board of Alderman by the Charter Review Committee, however, two were singled out for the testimony.

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  • Forward, Green, And Libertarians Jointly Call for Change


    For Immediate Release:

    March 1, 2024

    The Forward Party of Maryland, in collaboration with the Libertarian and Green Parties, is pleased to announce our unified support for crucial electoral reforms aimed at enhancing the legitimacy and confidence in Maryland's electoral system.

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  • rsvped for MD Statewide Town Hall 2024-01-10 16:33:33 -0500

    MD Statewide Town Hall

    Join our next statewide meeting to make your voice heard and get updates on current activities.

    PLEASE RSVP so we can know who's coming!

    WHEN:  Quarterly on the second Tuesday of the month - 7:00 pm

    HOW Click Here to Join Google Meeting 



    October 08, 2024 at 7:00pm
    Virtual - Google Meeting
    Google Meet, MD
    United States
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  • rsvped for MD Statewide Meeting 2024-01-10 16:33:10 -0500

    MD Statewide Town Hall

    Join our next statewide town hall to make your voice heard and get updates on current activities.

    PLEASE RSVP so we can know who's coming!

    WHEN:  Quarterly on the second Tuesday of the Month - 7:00 pm

    HOW Click Here to Join Google Meeting 



    July 09, 2024 at 7:00pm
    Virtual - Google Meeting
    Google Meet, MD
    United States
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  • published 2023 Year in Review in News 2024-02-02 12:41:34 -0500

    2023 Celebrating the Year with Maryland Forward Party


    2023 was terrific and 2024 is going to be amazing!


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  • published Thanksgiving Suggestions in News 2023-11-12 10:40:45 -0500

    Thanksgiving Suggestions


    Thanksgiving is a time for family and reflection of the year past and the year to come. We at Maryland Forward are very grateful for all that you have done this past year and will do next year and so we've prepared a very special blog with some suggestions for Thanksgiving wines and a very special turkey recipe that has stood the test of time for 52 years. We hope you enjoy and are we hope for success in becoming a recognized political party next year with your help!

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    Contact the Board

    Send a message to the Board members.

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    test message to Frederick County

    Contact Us


    To contact us you can use an email address from the Maryland map or you can use the form found further below. All comments, suggestions and inquiries are welcome.

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  • commented on Weekly Update 2023-09-18 09:48:51 -0400
    nice job Brandon!

  • Press Release: Maryland Congressional Candidate running as “Forward Democrat”

    MD-06 candidate, Stephen McDow, affiliates with the Maryland Forward Party

    Frederick, Maryland: On 08/30/23, candidate for Maryland's 6th Congressional District, Stephen McDow, affiliated with the Maryland Forward Party. Running as a “Forward Democrat”, McDow remains a registered Democrat but aligns with the legislative priorities and values of the Maryland Forward Party.

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  • published Candidate Pledge in About 2023-08-08 23:16:35 -0400

    Candidate Pledge

    Maryland Forward doesn't just accept any candidate - our Board put them through a rigorous interview and then discusses if that candidate truly represents the values of the Forward Party.

    Then we make them sign a pledge so we can hold them accountable for their actions and words. Candidates will set their own policies and the voters will vote for them based on their policies, but how they get there, and what they do when in office, is just as important as those policies.

    We're serious about changing the way we do politics and our candidates are serious as well.

    Read our Candidate Pledge and see if you agree.  


  • Moving Maryland Forward at the Hagerstown Pride Festival!

    Maryland Forward came to Hagerstown on Saturday, July 8th, for the Hagerstown Pride festival in Doubs Woods Park.

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  • Candidate Recruitment - How we differ from FL GOP

    Forward Party candidates are held to different standards than the FL GOP.

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  • published NPR Interviews MD FWD Party at Frederick Pride in News 2023-07-07 09:52:17 -0400

    NPR Interviews MD FWD Party at Frederick Pride

    NPR reporter Scott Maucione visited us at Frederick Pride on June 24, 2023.

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    For Immediate Release

    12 States to Receive National Party Focus for 2024 Election Cycle

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  • wants to volunteer 2023-05-16 12:55:10 -0400


    Outreach Volunteers Wanted!


    Reach out to Supporters 

    Outreach Captain (8 to 10 desired)

    • Contact new signees of the petition and engage them in <30 min. Conversation via zoom or other means.
    • Determine level of interest for volunteering and forward that info to correct area.
    • Must be able to attempt to contact signee within 24 hours and try to schedule meeting within 7 days of signing.
    • New signees will be rotated between outreach captains to minimize workload.


    Become a volunteer

  • published First Tabling Event-Olney Days! in News 2023-05-14 18:48:45 -0400

    First Tabling Event-Olney Days!

    We held our first mass in-person event today at Olney Days. 

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